Welcome Referral Partners!

Thank you for your interest in the Penwelder Referral Partner Program. To become our Referral Partner you need to apply with filling out the Referral Partner Application form. You can download the pertinent document below. We will review your information and communicate your status within a few business days. Once you have your Referral Partner ID number, you can begin referring Penwelder leads to Bluelasertools GmbH. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation!
Dr. Robert Lang, VP Business Development

Application Form

Download your Referral Partner Application Form here. We will communicate your status within a few business days of receiving your form!

FAQ Printout

Download here the Referral Partner FAQs answering questions like “Who is eligible to become a Referral Partner” or “When and how are commissions paid out?”.

Penwelder Marketing Material

Below you find some marketing material for immediate use. Please check back regularly for new marketing formats and ideas. We consult our Channel Sales Partners to ask for marketing support that makes them and us sell more.

technical briefing

Listen to this 7min video for a comprehensive introduction to the penwelder technology. The slides in this video are available for download below. In the slide notes, you will find all the necessary information.

Co-branded PPT

Download our Penwelder technical information PPT (14 slides). You can add your contact information at the end of the presentation and replace the “partner” logo with your logo. In case you need the file with a better resolution please send us an email.

Penwelder brochure PDF

This is the general Penwelder brochure for you to print it out or forward it via email. We will provide separate brochures for the Penwelder Expansion Kit and the new Penwelder compact device shortly.