Referral Partner Program FAQ

Why become a Penwelder Referral Partner?

Our system for hand-held laser welding gives an end-user all possible advantages of the laser welding process, with maximum flexibility and minimal entry costs into the technology as our device can be securely attached to an existing solid-state laser.

These advantages make the Penwelder unique, which in turn allows you to easily and efficiently generate leads and customers for in this laser hand-held welder. If you are convinced that the Penwelder would fit well into the production of one of your customers, make a recommendation and we will take care of everything else.



You receive 1500 EUR and more for a successful referral.



You submit the referral and we take care of the rest.



Perfect marketing support and dedicated channel managers.

How does the program work?

After your registration and approval, you will receive a personal demonstration of the Penwelder. Furthermore, you will receive marketing material and comprehensive information on the ideal customer target groups for hand-held laser welding.

As a Referral Partner, you will also receive monthly updates on all of our latest features and information about publications that mention the Penwelder. If you would like to recommend a prospective buyer, simply fill out the online recommendation form and we will take care of everything else. As soon as a prospect buys the Penwelder, you will receive a commission for this sale.

You will not incur any costs for participating in the Penwelder Referral Partner Program. We will bear all costs related to the sale of the Penwelder to your recommended companies. Our Channel Manager is always available for your questions.


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Who is right for the program?

Consultants, trainers, training centers and all welding experts who work closely with companies that have to overcome special challenges when welding thin sheets in stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum or copper.
Salespeople at OEMs or integrators of laser welding systems in combination with solid-state lasers. The Penwelder is the only proven safe laser hand-held welding device that can be connected to any common solid-state laser source.

We pay you the commission or you pass it along as savings to your customer.

Once you refer a prospect, we will confirm with you that they are not already engaged with us in the sales process. We will only pay commissions out on new referrals that are unknown and not currently assigned to one of our sales reps. When a prospect you refer becomes a customer, you will receive 1,500 EUR commission on the initial sale of a Penwelder system. From three referred customers, the commission increases to 2,000 EUR per successful referral. All payments will be made within 60 days of receipt of payment from the customer. Furthermore, you have the choice: We’ll pay you the commission or you can pass it along as savings to your customer.