Penwelder 500

Laser manual welding system for operation in combination with automated laser welding systems


The perfect combination - hand laser and automated laser welding

The advantages of a hand welding laser are particularly visible when working in conjunction with an automated laser welding system. (1) Fast and flexible laser welding of samples or prototypes without lengthy programming of the robot, (2) less effort in fixture construction due to laser stitching with low distortion and re-work, or simply (3) welding of small series directly at the laser manual workstation by unskilled workers, NOT welders, are  the obvious advantages from which the users benefit immediately

Pre-stitching components with hand laser saves time and money

  • Tacking components with the handlaser reduces efforts involved in fixture construction.
  • shorter turnaround times for complex components by preparing components with the hand laser or welding the entire part.
  • replace TIG welding with manual laser welding, tacking parts is also possible with material thicknesses of less than 1mm

Welding parts without fixtures

In order to weld components automatically, a device is usually required that holds the individual sheet metal components together and positions them correctly. However, with very small quantities, it is often not worthwhile to invest in such a device. As an alternative, TRUMPF recommends, for example, to pre-staple the component with the penwelder. This holds the parts together and positions them for the welding process.

Present prototypes or small series quickly and in the best quality

The integration of the penwelder into a laser welding system creates its own manual laser welding workstation, which is available to the operator for the uncomplicated welding of prototypes, sample components or small series. Thus, the advantages of laser welding can also be used without a welding robot or portal welding system.

Penwelder 500

Laser manual welding system for operation in combination with automated laser welding systems


100% safe

for retrofitting or as an installation in the course of the new acquisition of automated laser welding systems


100% compatible

compatible with common solid-state lasers, for connection to plug types LLK and QBH via the 2nd outlet directly at the laser source


100% flexible

Operation in the robot cell, in a separate cabin or directly at the turning table

Request offer for our Penwelder 500

We are happy to advise you on the purchase of a penwelder, system for hand-held laser welding, in the course of a new purchase or when retrofitting a laser welding system. Also consider the option of a separate handlaser workstation with a Penwelder in combination with one of our branded laser source from previous ownership!