Penwelder BLT

mobile compact device for hand-held laser welding


The new handheld laser welding machine

With the Penwelder BLT, we close the gap between traditional handheld arc welding and automated laser welding. The user enjoys all the advantages of laser welding such as low distortion and annealing colours as well as the high strength of the welds. Furthermore, the welder uses the device 100% mobile and flexible.



  • flexible use of laser technology advantages
  • highest laser safety due to TSS™
  • best seam quality in regards to weld surface and strength
  • hardly any distortion or annealing colours
  • high productivity and reproducibility
  • no welding experience required

The Penwelder BLT is compact and designed on rollers, the cooling system is integrated. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the laser light cable, which is up to 20 metres long, can be used to comfortably weld even very large components. No welding skills are necessary for the operation, so newly trained workers are already productive after a short training time.

Sample applications

Tacking part
Welding filet weld
welding butt weld

The special feature of the Penwelder BLT is its flexibility and versatility in its application. Whether our customers weld laser stitches, weld entire seams or only set isolated welding points, the contact tips developed for the specific application always give you a qualitatively reproducible result.

Strong arguments


Significant cost savings

in the entire sheet metal processing process due to less rework and the use of lower sheet thicknesses.


More business

especially when the best optics and highest quality are required, you have all the trumps in your hand with our hand-held laser technology.


Better employee satisfaction

because simple welding work such as tacking parts can be handed over to unskilled workers at short notice, without any lead time.